EXECUTIVE ENERGY was founded in 2007 and became an independent reality after having been part of Executive Group for years, a project started in 1996 that united various Florentine professional studios in a single structure.

Our skills led us to execute projects and direction of the Works for interventions of international importance, and allowed us to develop over the years also the service of the complete management of a construction site and a contract, in order to guarantee the Customer a complete service in the field of technological systems.

The new organization is therefore inspired by the many activities carried out over the years in the field of traditional constructions, thanks to the ability to compete, both for technical quality and professionalism, with largest Italian engineering companies, but adds as a guiding principle, the concept of Green Project and Building in all its procedures, addressing the theme of green building and renewable energy.

All these features allow our group to be able to deal with both complex and articulated projects (hospitals, airports, hotels, villages, industries, etc.), and small residential interventions, always guaranteeing a high standard quality of the service offered.


The core business of the group has always been integrated plant engineering in all its parts; the firm provides its many years of experience and a high level of know-how to offer consultancy, design and construction management services in the main building and renewable energy sectors.
Below are the main system categories covered:

  • Electrical systems
  • Special systems
  • Home automation and Automations
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Sanitary water and drains systems
  • Technological power plants
  • Photovoltaic and solar thermal systems
  • Biogas power plants
  • Syngas power plants
  • Combustion plants
  • Low and medium enthalpy geothermal systems
  • Environmental acoustics

Our Philosophy

The development of recent years in the field of renewable energy and energy saving such as photovoltaic, geothermal systems, biogas plants, led us to intervene in integrated designs of buildings by contributing from the starting architectural and structural concept phase.
This process allowed us to “think” about buildings focusing on geometric, localizing and technological features, typical of architecture and bioclimatic plant engineering, thanks to which passive control of the internal microclimate is possible (minimizing the use of mechanical systems), following a high efficiency exchanges between buildings and the environment, and active control of consumption of electricity to minimize environmental impact.

Building Information Modeling

For some years now, the studio has been using the BIM methodology (Building Information Modeling) to ensure accuracy and minimum percentage error in the processing of each project.
The BIM method, dynamic and flexible, is able to ensure interoperability, interchange and interaction between the different professionalism involved in an integrated project.
The planimetric design evolves into a project model, allowing you to accurately visualize every space thought thus making it possible to immediately define the position of the systems components with extreme precision, reducing the risks of Clash and obtaining thus a tangible saving on budget and / or implementation times.
Rely on this level of design using a team of experts and high-performance technologies able to concretely reduce risks, timing and costs translate into the following benefits:

  • Shared design among all professional figures
  • Interoperability
  • Easy editing
  • Real simulations
  • Accurate definition and control of the entire project

The BIM system allows us to create from the design phase at the construction phase a digital model of the work associating it with a series of processes that will allow the analysis and control of its cycle of life.


The composition of the design team ensures establishment of a proven structure numerically sufficient to face complex commitments, both in the design phase and in the management and executive. The studio has technical designers, graphic designers, site coordinators, technicians for the study and management of tenders.


Company Member – CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


Commercial Director


Company Member

Managing Director

for Electrical and Special Systems


Company Member

Managing Director

for Mechanical Systems

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)


Mechanical Systems Support

Managing Director for Graphic Design

Bim expert


Senior Project Designer

for Electrical and Special Systems

Site manager


Junior Project Designer

for Electrical and Special Systems


Graphic Designer

Bim expert


Energy Modeler

Mechanical Systems Support

Green Building Council

Our Company is an ordinary member of the GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL ITALIA, a non-profit association that is part of the international network of GBCs present in many other countries; member of the World GBC and partner of USGBC.


  • To favor and accelerate the spread of a sustainable building culture, leading market transformation
  • To raise awareness of the public opinion and institutions on the impact of Design and construction of buildings have on the quality of life of Citizens
  • To give clear benchmarks to industry operators
  • To stimulate the comparison between the operators of the sector by creating a sustainable building community.

“Thanks to a partnership agreement with USGBC, GBC Italia adapted to the Italian reality and promotes the independent certification system LEED® – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – whose parameters establish precise criteria design and construction of healthy, energy-efficient buildings and with a low environmental impact.

GBC Italia promotes a process of transformation of the Italian construction market: the certification system linked to the LEED mark establishes, in fact, a market value for “green buildings”, stimulates the competition between companies on the environmental performance of buildings and encourages conscious consumption behaviors also among end users.

GBC Italia is an organization able to network, the most competitive Italian and international companies operating in the sustainable construction segment and to facilitate dialogue between communities more qualified professionals.”