Luisa Via Roma

Luisa Via Roma



Firenze (FI) 2008

Client: Beta Progetti Srl for LuisiaViaRoma

The project as a whole is essential and innovative. In it, the brightness of the crystal and the solidity of the concrete, the high technology of the interactive centralized control system and the energy efficiency of the heat pump and LEDs for lighting interact with each other. The plant characterizations fully follow the minimal metaphysical soul of the intervention, ensuring comfort and the most advanced functions, without in any way hindering the space created by the meeting of the surfaces with the natural light that filters through the large floor that can be walked on even in the lower rooms. Light is the element that unites every shape and creates the same effect both in day and night settings, thanks to the technology of the lighting fixtures (totally LED) and to the particular color temperature chosen, almost identical to that of the solar radiation that filters through the large floor during the day.

Administrative Files, Definitive and Executive Engineering and Plant Engineering Works Management and Supervision, for Electrical, Special and Mechanical Systems.

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